The e-Traveller with rear cut floor accessible for wheelchairs
The Peugeot e-Traveller with rear cut floor is a wheelchair accessible vehicle for passive drivers. The rear cutout with access ramp allows the wheelchair user to be transported comfortably. The non-slip ramp allows easy access to the vehicle, where there is plenty of space in the passenger compartment due to the lowered floor pan. Protektor wheelchair & occupant restraint systems are provided to secure both the wheelchair and the wheelchair occupant. Extra protection is provided by the FutureSafe head & backrest.

The vehicle is also available in a diesel or petrol version.

De feiten:

  • Rear cut floor with access ramp
  • Spacious passenger compartment
  • Protektor wheelchair & occupant restraint system (DIN and ISO approved)/li>
  • Extra long front electric belts for the wheelchair
  • Optional: EasyFlex ramp can be converted quickly to a loading area – ideal for flexible use of the vehicle, FutureSafe head & backrest, tip & fold seats in third row

AMF-Bruns is een gecertificeerde ombouwpartner van de PSA Group. De rolstoeltoegankelijke ombouw wordt uitgevoerd met een vrijgavecertificaat van de fabrikant en met een Europese typegoedkeuring.

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