Smart Swivels

15 Feb. 2023

Swivel platforms for driver and passenger seat

The Smart Swivel is now available!  A lightweight swivel platform for both the driver and passenger seat.
The product has been fully tested according to ECE requirements for M1 and N1 vehicles.
The lightweight swivel platform, made of high-grade steel, provides a high degree of rigidity and balance while driving. The sliding mechanism used in our swivel platforms allows the user to easily rotate the seat.

The Smart Swivels are available for many vehicle types such as: Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito, Ford Custom, Volkswagen Crafter, Renault Trafic and others. For some models, a so-called handbrake kit is required so that the handbrake does not interfere when turning the seat.

The facts:
• Fully tested according to ECE requirements for M1 and N1 vehicles
• RDW approval
• Available for many vehicle types