FutureSafe 2.0

17 Feb. 2023

The new head & backrest FutureSafe with integrated shoulder belt provides wheelchair occupants with maximum safety while driving and ensures optimum protection in the event of a collision.

The FutureSafe is safe, space-saving and comfortable at the same time – a flexible, adaptable and patented safety system for wheelchair users. The headrest and back support are separate so that they can be individually adjusted to suit the wheelchair occupant. When the vehicle is being driven without a wheelchair, the FutureSafe can be simply swiveled back against the sidewall.

Depending on the type of vehicle, the FutureSafe is available with a floor or wall mounting. The floor mounting is designed primarily for cars with a cut out and ramp at the back, the pillar of the head & backrest is anchored to the floor. The version that uses a sidewall mounting is suitable for minibuses.
With static pull tests and dynamic crash tests, the FutureSafe 2.0 provides the usual AMF-Bruns safety.

The facts:
• Weight reduction of up to 15%, retaining the same strenght & stability (in comparison to the previous model);
• Patented safety system;
• Head and backrest for passengers with wheelchair;
• New design with comfortable upholstery, visually adapted to the vehicle equipment;
• Integrated automatic shoulder belt;
• Height-adjustable, suitable for all major wheelchair models;
• Headrest and back support split, integrated telescopic lock for easy length adjustment, 180° swiveling;
• Simple and safe operation via cable pull technology and push buttons;
• Extra comfort with additional cushions for head and backrest (Options-cushions available in three sizes);
• Floor or wall mounting available;
• Crash tested.