The Smartfloor Designer App

2 Jun. 2021

Since 1 June our Smartfloor Designer app version 4 has been live! With this free app you can easily create a layout of the desired Smartfloor and Smart Seats for almost any vehicle. You can share the design with us by e-mail so that we can make a detailed floor drawing of it.

What has been improved in this version?
* Compatible with the latest iPads;
* Added selection of Smart Seat options;
* To set custom length when designing floor in expert mode;
* Added and updated vehicles, floors and Smart Seats;
* Updated available profiles per region (for North America);
* Added OEM trim option (for North America);
* Added required input field for vehicle model year;
* Improved email output and exported images;
* Improved preview and share functionality.

Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback was very valuable to us and helped us to improve this app.
The app is only available for iOS. You can download the app by clicking the button below.