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Smartfloor has been the leading supplier of sturdy and durable lightweight floors and accessories for minibus taxis in the Benelux for more than 10 years, providing flexible and safe solutions for all makes and models. Our ingenious fastening technology allows minibus taxis to be converted at the flick of a wrist from group transport to wheelchair transport. Not to mention the option of easily fitting comfortable VIP seats.



The basis of the Smartfloor solutions is formed by an innovative and modular aluminium or magnesium floor with guiderails. Smartfloor’s close contact with importers and manufacturers gives it access to the latest technical data of nearly all minibus taxis on the market, so our lightweight floors always fit properly and can be mounted easily by the driver. Besides innovative floor components, Smartfloor sells a wide range of accessories, such as seats, wheelchair systems and lifts.





Smarfloor drawing