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Flooring components

Aluminium flooring components
The modular flooring components from Smartfloor are light but extremely strong. They of course comply with the EU’s most stringent safety standards. The aluminium flooring components are characterised by tremendous flexibility and durability, providing taxi companies with a safe and economically attractive flooring concept.  Read more.

Magnesium flooring components
Magnesium flooring components represent a new development at Smartfloor. Smartfloor’s innovative nature constantly pushes it to search out new techniques and materials. We believe magnesium may be the answer to ever-rising aluminium prices. Not only that, but a magnesium floor is lighter than an aluminium floor, and therefore saves fuel. Yet magnesium flooring components have exactly the same benefits as aluminium flooring components.


Appearances count. Smartfloor has a selection of different types of seat upholstery. From uni-design to special patterns; anything is possible. All our upholstery is of course extremely durable and easy to clean, and obviously conforms to the most stringent (fire) safety requirements. View the various options here.