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Smartfloor Winner in Top 25 Hot Product List for 2013 by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services!

Boost your earnings at the flick of a wrist with Smartfloor

The market for passenger and wheelchair transport is a dynamic one. Minibus taxis must be primarily multifunctional in order to deliver healthy returns. As a coachbuilder, you will know that better than anybody. This demands flexible configurations that can be converted quickly. Smartfloor sets the pace in this market, with TNO and TÜV approved modular lightweight floors and accessories.


All Smartfloor floors are M1 certified in compliance with UN Regulations UNECE R14, R16 and R17. Smartfloor also supplies an extensive range of M1 and M2 certified chairs. Together with AMF wheelchair fastening systems, Smartfloor floors meet the latest requirements in line with ISO 10542. 

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